Antoine Henri Giraud (sunsangnim) wrote,
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What would you do with 54 Million?

I never buy lottery tickets. What a waste of money. Yet, I succumbed yesterday to all the hype surrounding Canada's largest lotto jackpot at a staggering 54 million dollars. The odds were 1 in 14 million, which means I had a better chance of being killed on the freeway than winning, but when I thought about all that money, my feverish imagination started dreaming up private islands, planes and yachts as well as round the world vacations every month...Apparently I wasn't the only one as Canadians contributed over $90 million dollars to the lottery fund, almost half of which lines government pockets. What a waste. Imagine if everybody chipped in 2 bucks to a good cause twice a week, what an impact we would make as a collective society bent on goodwill rather than greed.
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